15 of the Fastest Porsches Ever


Believe it or not, Porsche has been around for over 80 years. I can honestly say that I don’t really remember the exact first time I ever saw a Porsche. However I do distinctly remember the Porsche 944 being the most prized possession in my dinky car collection. I’d trade Corvettes and Camaros all day, but don’t you dare touch my Porsche 944.

There are also alot of cool things about Porsche’s origins of which I had no clue. For instance, Ferdinand Porsche founded the company back in 1931 and originally they did not build cars under the Porsche name. Instead their role was that of a consulting and vehicle development group and one of their first assignments came from the German government, who wanted them to design a “car for the people”. What followed next was the creation of the Volkswagen Beetle which just happens to be one of the most successful car designs of all time. Heck, even my mom drove one. The actual brand that we know as Porsche today, only came about because the founder’s son wasn’t satisfied with the cars on the market and decided to build one of his own, and the early Porsche was born.

Porsche has been an iconic racing brand for as long as I can recall. I’m not the biggest race car aficionado, but anyone with a modicum of interest in sports cars, knows that Porsche and speed are well acquainted. The most popular model of Porsche these days is the 911. This no doubt comes from the ubiquitous nature of it’s presence in everything from Racing to Reel. The 911 was in fact a favorite of early film legends like Steve Mcqueen, and is still a top pick for popular stars of today like Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno.

It’s truly amazing how Porsche has seemingly been able to channel it’s vast cummulative knowledge base into each successively more technologically advanced iteration of it’s cars. So I can’t think of a more fitting way to marvel at their achievement, than to look at the 15 fastest cars to come out of Stuttgart.

911 Carrera SPorsche 911 Carrera STop Speed: 188mph. 0-60mph: 4.1s. The Porsche Carrera S is the perfect all ’round livable, fits-like-a-glove 911. It unloads 400hp from it’s 3.8-liter engine and rockets to 60mph in just over four seconds, all the while managing 9.5l/100km and emitting just 205g/km with the PDK transmission. For price, performance, economy, and emissions, it’s really tough to beat.

Porsche 911 SpeedsterPorsche 911 SpeedsterTop Speed: 189mph. 0-60mph: 4.4s. Before 2010, it had been 16 full years since Porsche last had a Speedster in it’s lineup. It was available in a worldwide run of just 356 units adding an air of exclusivity to it’s ownership, not to mention it’s glorious Porsche heritage. The Speedster’s biggest appeal is it’s shape, for which it remains unmistakably unique. However, $204,000 was nothing to sneeze at.

Porsche 911 Carrera GTSPorsche 911 Carrera GTSTop Speed: 190mph. 0-60mph: 4.4s. The GTS was the 997s swan song. Out of all 22+ variants that Porsche has produced, the GTS is considered to be the best pick. Powered by a 408hp, 3.8L Flat-six, it takes all of Porsche’s accumulated knowledge over the 911’s reign, and distills it into one awesome street-legal package. It’s performance figures won’t blow you away, but the pure, balanced nature of the driving experience will.

Porsche Panamera Turbo S

Porsche Panamera Turbo sTop Speed: 192mph. 0-60mph: 3.6s. The Porsche Panamera Turbo is basically a 4-door sports car. It has as a 4.8L twin-turbo charge direct injected V8 that uses titanium propellers to spool faster. It has a 7-speed pdk transmission with all-wheel drive and launch control. There’s an adjustable air suspension and active aerodymics system and $8000 carbon ceramic brakes to stop you after that sub 4s 0-60 run. All the while the Panamera has enough seats and cargo space to take the famly on a cross-country road trip. Yep, four-door sports car indeed.

Porsche 911 GT3 Porsche 911 GT3Top Speed: 194mph. 0-60mph: 3.0s. The GT3 is a legend on wheels. It’s flat-six cranks out 475hp at an astronomically high 9000rpm. It’s superfast shifting abilities can be credited to Porsches lightning-fast PDK tranmission. Interior and exterior race functionality makes it equally suited to the road or to the racetrack. This may not be the fastest Porsche, but, due to it’s CUP racing heritage, it is definitely the sportiest.

Porsche 911 Turbo SPorsche 911 Turbo STop Speed: 196mph.  0-60mph: 2.6s.  Did you read that?  It takes just 2.6s to reach 60mph in the Porsche 911 Turbo s, making it the quickest 911..ever.  This car is straight out of a video game.  As if it wasn’t enough that its 560hp twin-turbo 3.8-liter flat six cranks out 516lb-ft of torque.  An over-boost function, “Sport Plus” bumps that up to 553 lb-ft in 20s bursts when you floor it.  This 911 is a whole different animal.  ‘Nuff said.

Porsche Carrera GT Porsche Carrera GTTop Speed: 205mph.  0-60mph: 3.5s.  A perrenial classic in the Porsche stable, the Carrera GT has design cues inspired by the early days of Le Mans racing.  Sports Car International’s “Top Sports Car of the 2000s” is powered by a 5.7L v10 making 612hp and incorporates extensive use of carbon fibre in it’s race-bred DNA.

Techart 911 Turbo STechart 911 Turbo STechnically a tuner car, the Techart 911 Turbo S was included in this list because of the subtle approach these guy take to tuning.  Visual upgrades are mild, but Techart takes the already animalistic standard Porsche Turbo S and turns it up to berserk levels of performance resulting in a 620hp/612 lb-ft monster.  Add to this a sport exhaust system with valve control and you have the volume to match the violence.

Porsche 911 GT1 Porsche 911 GT1Top Speed: 204mph. Acceleration: 0-60mph: 3.7s. The GT1 is Porsches creation for the GT sports racing class of the same name. And it is, in fact a road-going racecar. There is some semblance of civility with it’s carpeting, choice of colours for seat leather and exterior paint, and the dash instrumentation is reminiscent of a stock Porsche 911. However, it’s intentions are purely for the racetrack with it’s harsh ride and crazy mechanics. A 549hp 3.2Litre twin-turbo Flat-6 and lightweight construction make it a winner on the track, but don’t pick this one for your daily commute.

RUF RGT-8RUF RGT-8Top Speed: 205mph. Acceleration: 0-60: 3.8s. Ruf Automobile is a German car manufacturer that builds it’s vehicles from unmarked Porsche chassis. They are recognized as a manufacturer because the work they do is so thorough. The current RGT-8 is based on the Porsche 991. It’s an all-new car and not just an update or tune. The engine is a 4.5-liter, v8 that delivers 550hp. The RGT’s engine is lighter than a Porsche flat-6 with a lower center of gravity and helps the RGT get to a 205mph top speed.

Porsche 911 GT2 RSPorsche 911 GT2 RSTop Speed: 205mph. Acceleration: 0-60mph: 3.4s. The Gt2 spawns from a long line of Porsche 911 Turbo racing cars. It develops 612hp from it’s 3.6L Flat-six engine and weighs 150lbs less than the standard GT2. The RS was produced with a goal to beat the Nissan GT-R’s laptime around the Nurburgring. When it was all said a done that goal was shattered by an astounding 9 seconds.

Porsche 918 SpyderPorsche 918 SpyderTop Speed: 214mph. Acceleration: 0-60mph: 2.2s. The 918 is the ultimate Porsche. The most powerful Porsche to date with over 887hp available through the combined efforts of a hybrid, gas plus dual electric motor combo. In 2013, the 918 became the first series production street-legal automobile to lap the Nurburgring in under 7mins with a time of 6:57s. This demolished the previous record by 14s. Only 918 units will be produced.

Porsche 917k Road CarPorsche 917k Road CarTop Speed: 199mph.  Acceleration: 0-60mph: 2.6s.  The  Porsche 917k is one of the most iconic sports racing cars of all time.  It’s included in this list because it was adapted for road use.  The stats, however belong to the original icon.  The Type 912 flat-12 engine came in 4.5, 4.9, or 5-liter variants ranging from 520-1100hp.  Long live the legend.

Ruf RT12SRuf RT12STop Speed: 224mph.  Acceleration: 0-60mph: 3.4s.  Based on Porsche’s 997, the Ruf RT12S comes with the addition of the Ruf integrated Rollcage and the engine has been significantly enhanced to crank out 685hp.  All-wheel drive is optional, and the Ruf maintains the comfort of a standard 911 with it’s upgraded suspension and easy to use controls.  Astonishing perfomance and everyday practicality in one attractive package.

Ruf RT12RRuf RT12RTop Speed: 234mph.  Acceleration: 0-60mph: 3.3s. The Ruf RT12R is the automaker’s latest and greatest creation based on the Porsche 911 Turbo. Performance is certifiably insane! Ruf’s modifications on Porsche’s 3.8-liter twin-turbo 6 cylinder boosts power into the stratosphere with 730hp and 693 lb-ft of torque. The interior is racecar spartan to save every ounce of weight possible. Complete with carbon-fibre materials, a host of aerodynamic features, and a super eye-catchy 3-tone paint scheme, the Ruf RT12R is our ultimate fast Porsche.